Dave's 68 Camaro Costs

$5000Aug. 2004The CarIndividual Owner
$329Oct. 2004Floor Pan [picture]Restoration World
$49Oct. 2004Seat Frame Support (R) [picture]Restoration World
$49Oct. 2004Seat Frame Support (L) [picture]Restoration World
$175Oct. 2004Subframe Connectors [picture]Detroit Speed & Engineering
$110Oct. 2004Body Mounts [picture]Detroit Speed & Engineering
$79Nov. 2004Inner Rocker Panel (L) [picture]Restoration World
$39Nov. 2004Toe Pan [picture]Restoration World
$120Jun. 2005Rear Leaf Springs reconditionedJones Springs
$1.65Jun. 2005Short Bumper Bolt StainlessRick's First Generation
$4.95Jun. 2005Corner Bumper Bolts Stainless PairRick's First Generation
$84Jun. 2005Multi Leaf Spring Mounting KitRick's First Generation
$8.95Jun. 2005Rear End "U" Bolt PairRick's First Generation
$7.56Jun. 2005T & "U" Bolt Tall NutRick's First Generation
$129Jun. 2005Gas TankRestoration World
$78Jun. 2005Gas Tank Sending UnitRestoration World
$100Jun. 2005Gas Line, StainlessRestoration World
$12Jun. 2005Gas Tank Mounting Anti Squeak KitRestoration World
$2Jun. 2005Gas Tank Sending Unit Lock RingRestoration World
$335Jun. 2005Gas Cap Bowtie w/ 2 keys Restoration World
$20Jun. 2005Four Floor Pan PlugsRestoration World
$239.95Jul. 20053-Point Seatbelt [picture]Morris Classic Concepts
$7.95Aug. 2005Body Plug SetRick's First Generation
$49.95Aug. 2005Seat Belt Bolt SetRick's First Generation
$134.95Aug. 2005Hotchkis 2 inch. Drop SpringsRick's First Generation
$34.95Aug. 2005Multi Leaf shock plate, RHRick's First Generation
$34.95Aug. 2005Multi Leaf shock plate, LHRick's First Generation
$7.95Aug. 2005Lower shock plate mount studRick's First Generation
$21.95Aug. 2005Horn Hi NoteRick's First Generation
$21.95Aug. 2005Horn Low NoteRick's First Generation
$31.95Aug. 2005Horn RelayRick's First Generation
$9.95Aug. 2005Steering Coupler Repair SetRick's First Generation
$79Aug. 2005Parking Brake Cable Kit (F616605)Restoration World
$69Aug. 2005Parking Brake Assembly (F616612)Restoration World
$146.97Aug. 2005B-Quiet Ultimate (50 sq. ft.)B-Quiet
$131.95Sept. 2005Instrument Carrier HousingNational Parts Depot
$264.52Sept. 2005Autometer Gauges (speedo, fuel and tach)Jegs
$49.95Sept. 2005AC Outlet-Center DashClassic Industries
$27.9Sept. 2005Fender Emblem-LH/RH 350Classic Industries
$54.95Sept. 2005Center Dash Panel-Black W/Factory ACClassic Industries
$120Sept. 2005CarpetNational Parts Depot
$1400Oct. 2005Disc Brake Conversion KitRight Stuff Detailing
$437.85Oct. 2005Front End Rebuild Kit and Anti-Sway BarPerformance Suspension Components
$160.1Oct. 2005Classic IAS Shocks (front)Jegs
$120Nov. 2005Control Arms (pressed in new bushings)Jones Springs
$14Mar. 2006Seat to trunk board (F960980)Restoration World
$13.25Mar. 2006Package Tray (F960751)Restoration World
$289Mar. 2006Door Panel Kit (F930601)Restoration World
$12.5Mar. 2006Door Panel Water Sheilds (F939100)Restoration World
$275Apr. 2006Steering Wheel (Street Star)Billet Specialties
$175Apr. 2006Alternator Bracket (MCH-20131)Jegs
$59May 2006Steering CouplerRick's First Generation
$6.95May 2006Steering Coupler BoltRick's First Generation
$52.95May 2006Molded Trunk Mat HoundstoothRick's First Generation
$14June. 2006Rear seat to trunk boardRestoration World
$13.25June 2006Package trayRestoration World
$300June 2006Standard Door Pannel KitRestoration World
$12.5June 2006Standard pannel water shieldsRestoration World
$11.95July 2006Rear End Brake Block BracketRick's First Generation
$21.95July 2006Rear Brake Line T ConnectorRick's First Generation
$29.95July 2006RH Foor MirrorRick's First Generation
$29.95July 2006LH Door MirrorRick's First Generation
$1452.22July 2015Engine Serpentine Pulley KitMarch Performance
$68.26Aug. 2015Power steering hose kitPerformanceOnline.com

Total cost: $13246.43

Future Purchases
$165???Rubber Kit (F300010)Restoration World
$4600.00???Tremec TKO-500 (TCET4616)
5 speed transmission
Transmission Technologies
Hurst Drivelines

Total cost: $4765