Floor Pan

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First I removed all of the seats to get a good look at the sheet metal. It looks like someone beat it with a hammer. There are some holes behind the drivers seat and a lot of surface rust. Both seat brackets have been cut up. I'm not sure why this was done.

Driver's side: Passenger side:

I purchased the new stamped floor pan from Restoration world.
The Subframe connectors and body mounts (with bolt kit) from Detroit Speed & Engineering.

The first thing I did was drop the fuel tank. Just two bolts holding the straps on and a couple of clamps on the filler neck. I removed the B&M shifter, steering wheel and heater box.

Okay... here we go. I started cutting on the floor. It's pretty slow going. This is where I was at after about three hours of work.

Four more hours and more metal gone.

Another four hours today and most of the interior metal is gone. The passenger side floor has been separated from the rocker panel.