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Removed the metal that was connected to the drivers side rocker pannel and started grinding/smoothing the rocker pannels. Also started removing sheet metal on the torque boxes and rear sub frame.

Removed the torque boxes. I drilled through the spot welds and the frame rail. Then used the air chisel to separate them from the frame. The drivers side gave me a lot of trouble. Both bolts connecting the torque box to the leaf spring mount were rusted tight. I had to use a cutting tool to remove them.

I did a lot of wire brush sanding on this day. I removed all of the paint from the trunk dividers.

Okay... after looking at the drivers side toe pan and inner rocker, I've decided to replace them also. I again purchased the new sheet metal from Restoration World. I started cutting on the rocker and to no surprize there was a lot of leaves and junk inside. This is because all the water and debris runs from the cowl (grating near the windshield wipers on hood) down to the rocker panels, through them and out the back just in front of the rear wheel.

[03-26-2005] and [04-17-2005]
After a long winter break I started back on the driver side inner rocker. Just a small bit left to clean up on each end.

I spent a couple of hours working on the driver side toepan and inner rocker. Just a little more clean up and I'll be ready to weld in the new piece.

Cleaning up and getting ready to put new sheet metal on.