Floor Pan

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Started welding today. The new toe board patch and inner rocker is on. I used lap welds on the toe board. The metal was so thin it would have been too difficult (for me) to do a butt weld. I used plug welds across the top on the inner rocker and lap welds across the bottom.

Removed the steering column, gauge cluster and front window (window was earlier this week). I also changed the transmission filter and gasket then put the painted transmission crossmember back in.

Cleaned up the metal in the corners and removed the seatbelt mount from the drivers side rear frame rail in preparation for the new floor pan. I started putting the Rust Bullet (rust preventor) paint in the frame rails because I wouldn't be able to get to that area after the new floor was in. In doing so I pored a little too much in the container I was painting from so I started painting other areas to use it up. It covered a lot more area than I thought it would. It's also really strong/durable. I left the brush in mineral spirits (paint thinner) overnight thinking that the brush could be cleaned up in the morning. Well the brush was hard as a rock and stuck to the bottom of the container.

Well the full floor pan wouldn't fit through the front window and then down without being cut. It was about 5 to 7 inches too long. No problem with the width. I cut the back off the new pan just past the torque boxes and inserted it through the front window then it dropped down with no problem. I welded up most of it. There's just a few more spots along the rockers where I would like to shore it up.

I inserted the back section of the floor pan that I had to remove to get the floor in the car. I only have about 5 or 6 more inches to weld up of the seam.

Finished welding up the seam. Boy that was a lot of welding...