Floor Pan

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Finished welding up the back part of the floor pan. Painted the top side with Rust Bullet and also part of the bottom.

Sanded and cleaned the undercarriage in the rear of the car. Painted it with Rust Bullet and then a black underbody paint.

Replaces the body mounts at the firewall with the new solid (billet aluminum) mounts. Also started putting in the passenger side subframe connector. Both from Detroit Speed and Engineering.

Welded in the drivers side subframe connector. So both subframe connectors are in now.

Finished welding up some small holes then painted the subframe connectors and the rest of the floor pan inside and underneath with Rust Bullet.

Seam sealed all of the interior seams where I welded the sheetmetal together. Also painted underneath with black underbody paint.

[09-6-2005] & [09-7-2005]
Welded in the seat pans and covered the floor with sound damper (B-Quiet Ultimate) from B-Quiet.