Front Suspension

Started disassembly of front suspension. Passenger side first.

Still removing parts. Steering assembly and passenger side control arms are now separated from the car. One bolt on the lower control arm had to be cut off.

I had a little trouble with the castle nuts. A few of the cotter pins had to be drilled out. After the castle nuts were removed I used a Tie Rod End and Pitman Arm Puller to separate the steering components.

On the drivers side, I had to cut the upper and lower ball joints to remove the spindle. Steve stopped by for a couple of hours and helped me remove the lower control arm and then the ball joints from both lower control arms. He also brought with him a power steering box from Eric. Thanks Eric!

Jones Springs removed the old bushings and pressed in the new ones.

I sandblasted all four control arms, center drag link and steering arms.

Painted the control arms chassis black. Then painted the center drag link and the steering arms a cast iron gray. Also sanded and painted the frame that was accessable via the wheel wells.

Installed new upper and lower ball joints. Attached all control arms to the frame.

Put in the new front springs, spindle, brake dust shield and caliper bracket on both sides.

Put in the inner and outer tie rod ends, center drag link and idler arm. Torqued everything to spec.

Started to put the sway bar in and found a problem. It hits the alternator and will not bolt in correctly. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Either move the alternator to the top of the engine or not install the sway bar.

I decided to move the alternator. So I disconnected it for now and installed the sway bar. This finishes up the front end rebuild.
NOTE: I should have put the sway bar in before the shocks and dust shield. I had to remove them to get it in. Probably best to put it in place before putting the springs and spindles on.