Power Disk Brake Conversion

Front and rear disk brake conversion kits came from Right Stuff Detailing

Installed spindles, brake caliper brackets and dust shields.

Removed the old master cylinder and the rest of the old brake line. Put the new master cylinder, booster and distibution block together and on the car.

Cut about 1" off of the extension to connect the booster shaft to the brake pedal otherwise it would not fit.

Installed the front rotor and caliper on both sides.

Installed the front brake lines and front to rear line. On the rear I Put on new U-bolt and lowering blocks.

Cut off about 4" from all the U-bolts. To get the rotor on I had to grind down the axle flange about an eighth of an inch. I also had to file the top front hole in the caliper bracket to get it to seat properly. Installed the rotor and caliper. This was the passenger side only.

Finished grinding down the drivers side axle flange and caliper bracket hole. Installed rotors, calipers and lines.

Welded tabs to the axle to hold the hard line to the flex line. I also added an adjustable proportioning valve. Started bleeding the system. Front brakes bleed just fine but I'm having some trouble with the rears. I'm getting fluid to both the calipers but not out of the bleeder valve.

I was able to bleed the back brakes with this kit.