Rear End/Suspension

Today I removed the rear suspension. Bolts were rusted tight holding the leaf springs to the axle housing so I had to cut them off.

Cleaned up the rear end. I used a wire brush drill bit and sanding disk on the angle grinder.

Removed the drum breaks from the rear end and started sanding the bottom of the car.

Spent about six hours grinding and painting the leaf springs, front rear spring mount brackets and the shock plates. I also took out the front windshield today. This past Tuesday I took the leaf springs over to Jones Springs and had them reconditioned.

Grinded and wirebrushed the rear end housing again, then painted it. Also removed, sanded and painted the transmission crossmember. I received an early father's day gift today. The rear end cover from Moser Engineering was a wonderful gift. Now all of the rear end parts are ready to go back on the car.

Put the leaf springs and differential back on the car. I'm going to have to return my new rear end cover because the bolt holes do not match up. Turns out I don't have a standard GM 10-bolt. After a little research I think I have a GM 8.2 type "P" rear end out of either 64-70 Olds F-85, 64-71 Tempest/GTO or 67-71 Firebird ( which has an irregular cover.

DONE!! She's back on her feet again.